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About us

My Potato Factory is a chef driven, gourmet food concept founded in 2009. Chef Tonya Morris set out to fulfill a dream of franchising an innovative restaurant concept featuring a wide variety of HUGE baked potato dishes "FULLY" loaded with your choice of creative gourmet toppings.

Experiencing all the difficulties of working in the day-to-day restaurant business, she knew that was not a long term goal and aspired to greater heights. Soon after closing her catering company, she transitioned the same space into My Potato Factory. Her intention was "testing" a concept of a huge potato stuffed with a tasty variety of homemade fillings. During testing of the new concept, Chef Tonya found her hands full while people lined up to find out the BIG deal with the BIG potato. 

My Potato Factory is truly inspired by the love for potatoes by "Making it Personal". Keeping in mind the low cost, versatility and  sustainability of the potato, the menu is a balance of comfort and creativity. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are what we call an ALL DAY food. Our focus is on the quality and taste of our fillings and toppings, consistent presentation, and great customer service. Our potatoes and inventory are locally sourced because we are committed to our environmental responsibility. 

With little to no advertisement, other than word of mouth, My Potato became a huge draw within a short period. A business was later advised to closed the tester location in order to strategically plan the franchising of My Potato Factory in the near future. With a few good friends and a few good dollars, our plan is to change the spectrum of the quick serve food industry. A goal of having 10 stores open in 5 years would spawn from the new location within the redeveloping Westview community near the Beltline of Atlanta


We strive to motivate our people, hold the highest integrity, deliver exceptional operational results, take accountability, celebrate success, and provide leadership to help our team prosper and grow. Our core values guide our decisions and actions in pursuit of our goal. These goals serve as the foundation for our growth as a restaurant, company and individuals.  My Potato Factory is made up of a group of uncommon people--people who strive to be 100% present in all that they endeavor. We strive to build a team of “Eagles” who unselfishly look to serve others without expectations, recognition, or reward. We make it a point to connect our team with local food charities, community pantries and food banks. Our 3E Program is especially designed and built upon our mission to Educate, Employ and Empower


While potatoes are no secret, recipes can be. Well, at least that's what I've been told. One of MPF's (My Potato Factory) key initiatives is education. Using locally sourced ingredients and from scratch recipes make a substantial mark in culinary education. Our house recipes are no secret because we believe that "sharing is caring". Over the years, many folks have had an idea or two (or three) about what would go GREAT with a potato or sweet potato, right! So with all of these great ideas birthed some really awesome recipes you have got to try at home. From the basic baked potato to our Shrimp Gumbo filling to our "TOP SECRET" Sweet Potato Pie recipe, this is one of the best potato recipe books for the masses. Set to publish March 2019...Let's make it happen!



Please feel to contact us anytime. Thank you for your support and helping to "Change the World One Potato at A Time"



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Located At

1521 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW, Atlanta, GA 30310